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15 Best exercises to lose weight


Discover the 15 best exercises to lose weight.

Practicing a sport is essential if you want to lose weight.

Physical activity and a healthy and balanced diet are necessary to get rid of excess pounds.

But what exercises should you practice to lose weight as effectively as possible?

What is the best exercises to lose weight, lose fat or get a flat stomach? We are going to tell you, but above all, to fully understand our approach, read the following. You will find just after the top 15 exercises to lose weight.15 Best exercises to lose weight

Lose weight without sport, by eating better or less?

If you want to lose a few extra pounds, know that it is essential to combine a healthy and balanced diet with physical activity.


You can very well lose weight without doing sports, simply by eating less, but this has certain disadvantages.

It is important to preserve your muscular capital on the one hand, on the other hand, a thin but flabby body is not necessarily very aesthetic.

A little sport helps you lose more calories, tone your muscles to refine your figure, and what’s more, it’s good for the heart, health, and morale!

The ideal sport for losing fat combines weight training and cardio training

Lose weight only by exercising?

You can also lose weight without diet, just by practicing a sport.

This method is nevertheless difficult because the easiest way to lose weight is still to reduce the calories absorbed rather than trying to expend them through physical activity.


If you are not convinced, read our article: Does sport make you lose weight? In addition, regular physical activity leads the body to optimize the storage and use of its energy reserves.

A trained athlete store more reserves in the form of glycogen than fat and his body draws more from fat than a person who is not very athletic.

The interest of sport is therefore not only to expend calories but to make the

Exercise can make you gain weight!

Another important point to take into account: a sport can make you slim while making you gain a little weight.

Muscle is heavier than fat. When you do sport, whether it’s cardio training, endurance sport, or bodybuilding, you develop your muscles, so you gain a little weight.

The fats will indeed be replaced by heavier muscle. We will refine while gaining weight, at least temporarily!


Rest assured, this variation is minimal, and as the fat melts away, the weight on the scale will eventually drop.

The ideal sport to lose fat

Knowing all this, concretely, which sport is the most suitable for losing weight? To answer this question, you need to know 3 things:

•Cardio training is a very effective way to burn calories. You will spend mostly during the activity and the hours that follow.

Depending on the sport practiced, cardio training will also make you gain muscle mass.

Cycling, swimming, running, cross-country skiing, Zumba, and water aerobics are cardio-training activities that burn a lot of calories.

•Strength training, contrary to popular belief, is a great way to lose fat.


By gaining muscle, you increase your basal metabolism, ie the minimum expenditure that the body needs to survive.

Our muscles primarily burn fat in low-intensity physical activity.

The more you develop your muscles, the more fat you burn throughout the day, even at rest!

Do not underestimate this activity.

•Calories burned: If you want to lose weight, do not rely solely on the number of calories burned or the intensity of the effort.

Our body consumes more fat at low intensity than at high intensity, in proportion to the calories expended, of course.


Studies have shown that the most effective way to lose fat is to work out at moderate intensity and even more by high-intensity interval training or interval training including breaks.

To lose fat as effectively and quickly as possible, it is, therefore, better to orient yourself towards a sport that combines the 2 activities: cardio-training and weight training.


Cardio-training makes the heart work and is not compatible with certain diseases, in particular cardiac and respiratory.

Consult your doctor for an opinion or a medical examination.

Some of the activities proposed below should not be practiced in case of health problems (lumbago, neck pain, back or knee pain, etc.). Ask your doctor.

Do not confuse fashionable exercises with effective exercises

Don’t believe everything they tell you or try to sell you.


Teleshopping devices have never made you lose weight or flatten your stomach. To lose weight you have to move, no secret.

You may invest in the most expensive machine, but you will have no guarantee of losing pounds.

Being overweight will only go away if your energy expenditure is higher than your food intake.

Afterward, if you want to believe in the power of the vibrating platform… it’s up to you.

But it is proven: the benefit of vibrations, if there is one, can only be very limited.

So remember to accompany all your expensive devices with a diet and real exercises worthy of the name, if you want it to work!


The jump rope for example!

How good is jump rope exercise for weight loss?

For beginners, it’s a bit difficult but the more you progress, the more you will melt.

And when you’re super comfortable, there are plenty of variations of jumps to make the exercise even more difficult!

Does it work?

Whatever exercises you choose, don’t expect to see results in 1 week or 1 month. You will improve your stamina.

You will firm up. You will shape your thighs but you will not lose weight locally.

Exercise to lose weight in 1 week or to lose weight in a month has not been invented yet!


If you want to lose weight, start by cutting calories and exercising.

The more you pay attention to your diet and the more you exercise, the better it will be to finally succeed in losing your extra pounds.

What are the best exercises to lose weight?

1. Rowing

Rowing is the ideal sport for losing fat.

The rowing machine is an ergometric device, ie which reproduces the movements of rowing as faithfully as possible.

You can practice it at home or in most gyms! It is also very popular with men and women, precisely because of its effectiveness in burning fat.

Very complete, this sport makes work almost all the muscles of the body, the top (arms, shoulders, abdominals, back) like the bottom (glutes, calves, thighs).


Rowing or the rower indeed requires effort to pull the oars and bring them back to the front and requires the legs to rock the whole body from front to back and then back.

It is not for nothing that rowing was selected by a jury made up of doctors and specialized coaches as being the most complete activity among 26 sports studied during a survey carried out in 2004 by the newspaper The Team!

This sport is very beneficial for health, without shocks, very effective for building up the whole body, and very energy-consuming.

A one-hour session with a rowing machine can make you burn up to 800 kilocalories while strengthening your whole body!

At a lower intensity, you will burn at least 300 to 500 kilocalories. A few sessions are enough to see results and lose fat.

You should also know that the rowing machine allows you to burn fat during exercise but especially after exercise, 24 hours a day, thanks to the increase in basal metabolism linked to the gain in muscle mass!


2. Burpees

Probably the most hated but also the most effective exercise for pumping up cardio, activating fat burning, and losing weight.

Burpees are the number one enemy of fat.

They make it possible to work absolutely all parts of the body: the thighs, the torso, the back, the shoulders, the arms, and the abs.

In other words, it’s an all-in-one exercise that promises incredible results!

You only need to do 3 or 4 sets of 20 burpees a day to burn an additional 200 to 300 calories.

If you don’t like running, you don’t have time or you can only do sports at home, schedule a small session of burpees to do 5 days a week:


Monday: 3 sets of 50 burpees – 2 minutes rest between sets.

Tuesday: 4 sets of 35 burpees – 1’30 rest between sets.

Wednesday: 5 sets of 20 burpees – 30 seconds rest.

Thursday: 6 sets of 15 burpees – 30 seconds rest.

Friday: 1 series of 100 burpees to be performed as quickly as possible.

3. The elliptical trainer

The elliptical trainer, by working all the muscles, is a very effective cardio-training machine for losing weight


The elliptical trainer is also a popular device in gyms and at home because of its high efficiency in burning fat, its ease of use, and the fact that it does not cause any shock to the joints.

It makes about 80% of the muscles of the bodywork, both up and down, while burning a lot of calories: 500 to 800 kcal/h.

By practicing this sport, you will not only have fun but also strengthen your muscles (back, arms, legs) while losing fat during and after your sessions.

Contrary to what its name might suggest, the elliptical trainer is not at all a bicycle but a device reproducing the movements of cross-country skiing.

It has a flywheel, pedals, and levers that you pull and push with your arms.

A little less bulky than the rowing machine, usually on wheels and sometimes even foldable, it fits easily in a small room and just requires you to put on sneakers (and more) to do your bodybuilding-cardio-training session!


Moreover, it is so successful that it is found today at affordable prices.

4. The squat

This is a common bodybuilding movement, polyarticular and targeting the muscles of the legs, glutes, back, and even calves.

This basic movement is very taxing on the body as many muscles and joints are involved in performing it.

If you have a weight room subscription and are looking for an exercise to facilitate your weight loss, do squats several times a week: during your leg workout, but also after your upper body or thigh workouts.

On leg day, place the squat at the start of the session and do 5 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions, with 1 minute of rest between each set.

On the day of the glutes, place the squat at the end of the session and do 4 sets of 15 reps with 1 min of rest between each set.


For your 3rd squat session, choose a day of your choice, for example before your cardio: do 3 sets of 30 reps with 30 seconds of rest.

The advantage of the squat is that it mobilizes a lot of energy during the effort, but also afterward. After a squat session, you burn energy even at rest!

5. Swimming

Swimming is a complete, shock-free sport with many health benefits.

Swimming is a sport that burns a lot of calories ( 400 to 700 kcal/h ), the effort is increased because of the resistance of the water.

This sport is also very complete because it works almost all the muscles of the body.

By developing muscle mass, swimming promotes the elimination of fat 24 hours a day!


In the water, the movements are smooth. The joints are protected because they are not subjected to body weight.

This is why swimming is recommended for pregnant women whose joints have to bear the extra weight of pregnancy.

By strengthening the whole body, swimming helps prevent joint problems.

The breaststroke or front crawl is also particularly recommended to strengthen the back muscles and prevent back problems.

The interest in swimming is also that it is accessible to all, from the youngest to the not-so-young. It does a lot of good and helps to relax.

All its advantages make swimming an ideal sport for losing weight while being beneficial for your health.


6. Running or the treadmill

Running is recognized for its effectiveness in weight loss and its health benefits.

Among the best sports for losing weight, running (outdoors or on a treadmill) or even trail running are excellent activities, both for losing fat, but also for maintaining good health and good morale.

Depending on pace and weight, running costs between 400 and more than 1000 kilocalories per hour!

Even if it is mainly the legs that are the most stressed, running works all the muscles of the body.

Contrary to popular belief, running is not necessarily bad for your back.

Recent studies have shown that running can even strengthen the intervertebral discs.


However, this sport is not recommended for people with joint problems (knees in particular) or back problems.

The advantage of running is that it requires almost no equipment, except for a good pair of sneakers designed for running.

You can very well run where you live, whether in the city or nature, without even taking the car.

And if your agenda is busy or the weather is not good, why not buy a treadmill to do your jogging? The interest of the treadmill is to be less traumatic for the knees.

It allows you to train at any time and whatever the weather conditions.

However, it does less work on the hamstrings and is not well suited to the practice of split training, unless you opt for a high-end mat.


7. kettlebell

Ideal for burning a maximum of fat in a short time, refining your curves, and toning the silhouette.

This exercise will require you to purchase a kettlebell, a weighted ball with a handle.

The goal is to achieve a fluid movement by soliciting the shoulders, quadriceps, back, and glutes while tightening the abs.

Also, these are exercises that can easily be integrated into a HIIT cardio program, known to burn fat more effectively than conventional cardio.

Here is an example of a kettlebell program to facilitate weight loss

•10 KB Swings


•1 Goblet Squat

•15 KB Swings

•2 Goblet Squats

•25 KB Swings

•3 Goblet Squats

•50 KB Swings


9. Jumping robe

The jump rope is an affordable accessory and you can jump rope anywhere outdoors.

Depending on your weight and the intensity of the exercise, 15 minutes of jumping rope can burn up to 300 calories.

You can choose to jump rope for a certain duration or build a specific circuit:

•By increasing the execution speed

•By doubling or tripling the number of turns of the rope per leap

•By varying the supports: unimodal, alternating, etc.


This sport works on balance and coordination, strengthens the ankles, tones the muscles without making them bulky, and promotes blood circulation in the legs, which helps to overcome cellulite and prevent varicose veins and other venous problems.

This benefit is due to the significant massage of the veins by the calf muscles during activity, the latter acting as a pump promoting blood return to the heart.

Be careful, do not practice jumping rope in case of back problems, especially herniated discs, or if you are prone to tendinitis.

10. Spinning or cycling: a real calorie burner

Cycling and spinning are real calorie burners. They train your lower body and abs.

Cycling (including mountain biking) and spinning are real calorie burners.

You will expend between 400 and more than 900 kcal/h on your bike, depending on the difficulty, and will continue to expend calories several hours later if your ride was intensive.


This sport mainly works the lower body (thighs, calves, glutes) but also the arms and abdominals.

By gaining muscle mass, cycling or spinning bikes increases basal metabolism, and therefore energy expenditure at rest. You will burn more fat throughout the day.

Cycling or spinning is one of the sports recommended for people with knee problems.

It makes it possible to strengthen the muscles supporting the joints without causing shocks to them.

Regular practice, even at low intensity, also helps maintain good health by reducing cardiovascular risks (tension, cholesterol).

Unlike cycling, spinning, or even spin-bike, body-bike or RPM (Raw Power in Motion) is practiced in the gym or at home.


It is a so-called ergometric exercise bike (it reproduces the movements of the bike) resembling very closely a traditional road bike and specially designed for intensive training in the gym or at home.

Top of the range, robust and compact, it has electronic assistance.

A less expensive alternative to spinning, the home trainer is a small device allowing you to train at home using your bike.

Spinning is a sporting activity performed on a spinning bike, practiced in a group under the direction of a coach and to rhythmic music.

This new sport is very successful today because it is very motivating. It is, for this reason, a good solution if you want to lose weight quickly.

11. The stair climbs

Nothing is easier than climbing stairs. In your building, outside, there are stairs everywhere.


Depending on the intensity of the workout, 15 minutes of stair climbing can burn up to 400 calories.

Here is the type of program to carry out to burn a maximum of calories.

•1 climb of 50 stairs while running

Descent at a brisk pace but without running

•1 climb of 50 stairs running but climbing two steps at a time

Descent at a brisk pace


•1 climb of 50 stairs, jumping on each step

Descent at a brisk pace

•1 climb of 50 stairs by jumping two steps

Descent at a moderate pace.

12. Jump squat (or squat jump)

Discover the squat jump, a plyometric exercise par excellence!

By doing this movement, you work your heart, since it requires a cardio effort.


But you also work the thighs, calves, and glutes. What reshapes everything and destock fat while significantly increasing the heart rate.

13. Sheathing board (plank)

An exercise that requires good management of breathing, mental and good posture. But it is very effective if done well.

On your tiptoes or your knees, resting on your elbows, try to keep your back straight and contract your abs.

Hold as long as possible (minimum 30 seconds). And with each new session, try to lengthen the duration by about 10 seconds.

Guaranteed results,  reinforced abdominal belt, and a slimmer waist.

14. Chair

With your back against the wall, come down as if you wanted to sit down, thighs parallel to the floor and knees in line with your feet.


Hold the position as long as possible, at least 30 seconds, without pressing your hands on the top of the thighs (too easy!).

Your legs must be shaking and you must be hot… This is where the work is most effective! You can do it with or without a ball.

15. The deadlift

Like the squat, the deadlift is a basic polyarticular movement.

It recruits the muscles of the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, lumbar, dorsal, and trapezius muscles.

It is an extremely effective exercise for the development of the glutes and it is for this reason that more and more women are practicing the deadlift.

In addition to strengthening the glutes and the entire posterior chain, the deadlift burns a lot of energy: during the session and up to 72 hours after!


Other effective sports to lose weight and burn fat

Among the most effective sports for burning superfluous fat, there are also, among others, the stepper (this device, not to be confused with the step, stimulates the climbing of stairs), beach volleyball, boxing, squash, rugby, Zumba or jumping fitness which consumes a lot of energy and works a lot of muscles.

Another way to do it is obviously to combine a cardio-training activity with weight training sessions.

You will thus combine the benefits of both practices. Provided you find motivation!

The activities mentioned above have the advantage of course of combining the 2, and thus saving you time!

And if, despite this, you are still struggling, read our tips to motivate you to play sports.

What about slimming products?

Dietary supplements and slimming products are invading the shelves of health and well-being shops.


Should we consume it? Some natural products such as green tea, green coffee, caffeine, and capsicum are known to increase metabolism naturally or use fat more as an energy source.

Taken in supplements, they will help you to speed up the fat elimination process.

However, check the composition of the product and the seriousness of the store.

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