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25 Best ways to lose weight fast


Discover the 25 Best ways to lose weight fast.

Take cold showers, turn off the TV while you eat, or go to bed earlier. Not everything is diets and hours in the gym.

It is true that there are people with an enviable metabolism and that despite eating everything and not doing sports they remain slim year after year.

But they are the least. The vast majority of mortals tend to gain kilos with age.25 Best ways to lose weight fast

The WHO considers overweight and obesity to be “the pandemic of the 21st century”.

Do you know what we’re talking about? You can’t change your genetics, but you can introduce certain habits into your daily life that will either trick your stomach into eating less or speed up your metabolism and help you burn more fat throughout the day. Not everything was going to be exercise! Take note.


No diet or miracle product makes us lose weight without more.

Losing weight and, above all, staying at the desired weight requires making small changes in many aspects of life.

It is the sum that guarantees success. For this reason, the diet must always be accompanied by regular exercise and, of course, the acquisition of new habits.

What helps you lose weight the most?

What you eat is not the only thing that matters when you want to lose weight.

Body weight is influenced by emotional factors and daily habits that we barely pay attention to.

Genes and physiological processes that are beyond the control of the will are also important.


Modifying a silhouette that has been forged throughout life is a challenge that is often faced in the wrong way.

Starvation diets, for example, convince the body to conserve as many reserves as possible.

When you want to lose weight, thinking only in kilos and calories is a mistake.

There are many other factors to consider, such as health and performance.

The effective tips that approach the subject from all points of view will help you feel better from day one.

Best ways to lose weight fast

The weight loss ideas we offer you are based on established scientific knowledge.


They are not the last and dangerous occurrences of any weight loss guru.

On the contrary, they are sensible proposals that will allow you to safely get rid of excess weight.

They will not demand great sacrifices from you. On the contrary, the changes that we propose will increase your well-being and make you feel that you are doing something positive.

According to W. Bennett of Harvard University, the only way to reduce weight and keep it under control is through a diet that provides a few fewer calories than usual and can be followed indefinitely.

1. Set a clear and realistic goal

Set yourself a realistic and easy-to-achieve goal. How? Looking for a method that allows you to lose weight and then maintain it without compromising your health?

What is the best method that I propose? Change your habits and learn to eat more healthily, and adopt a healthier diet or lifestyle to your situation or personal life.


Seeing it from this perspective will help you feel more motivated, get along better, and not get so overwhelmed by how many kilos you will have to lose per week since what you have to improve is your behavior when it comes to eating.

2. Chewing gum between meals

Several investigations carried out in 2011 by the Institute of Psychological Sciences of the University of Leeds (United Kingdom) conclude that the effects of chewing gum on appetite regulation are very positive.

On the one hand, it prevents us from eating out of boredom, and on the other, because as it produces a feeling of satiety, it reduces the desire to have an aperitif and snack between meals.

But beware, for the trick to work, you have to chew the same gum for at least 45 minutes.

Dr. Marta Aranzadi, specializing in nutrition, explains why: “Sugar or any other type of sweetener contained in chewing gum encourages us to eat because it produces insulin release.

However, once the gum has lost its flavor, when we chew it we produce extra salivation, which is precisely what makes us lose our appetite”. So changing gum every two times three is cheating.


3. Watch out for hidden sugar

It is not enough to not add unnecessary teaspoons to the coffee.

Sugar, which only gives you calories, hides in soft drinks, nectars, prepared foods, cookies, pastries, or chocolates.

You can sweeten your dishes with cinnamon, vanilla, or fruit compote.

4. DON’T obsess over weight

“The best scale is clothes.” You must assess your evolution with more objective data such as clothing, the one that fits you best, the one that you can wear pants that did not fit you before, feel more deflated, and lighter.

The value of the weight varies a lot depending on the moment in which you weigh yourself, the conditions, the amount of water you have drunk, the food you have consumed, the regularity of your intestinal transit, the hormonal cycle in which you find yourself, and even your current stress level.

You can have weight control, to see evolution, but that is not daily or the only parameter to take into account.


5. Start the day with a cold shower

It’s lazy, but it’s a very healthy habit: on the one hand, cold water stimulates nerve endings and helps us start the day energetically.

On the other, as we mentioned above, it also activates thermogenesis, which is the ability body to generate heat, thus facilitating weight loss.

This is how the American writer and lecturer Timothy Ferriss explains it in his work The 4- Hour Body, although he emphasizes that for this system to be effective, the shower must last at least three minutes.

He already knows it’s not worth putting one foot in and running away.

6. Drink a glass of water before eating

Researchers at the University of Birmingham(England) have verified that it is a very simple method, but that it works.

His experiment, conducted earlier this year, involved monitoring the progress of 84 overweight people for three months.


41 of them were asked to drink a glass of water before each main meal and the rest to imagine that their stomachs were full before they started eating.

After the 12 weeks of testing, the results left no room for doubt: the first group lost almost four and a half kilos of weight, while the rest stayed at 800 grams.

“Indeed, this is one of the infallible tricks to lose weight, because by filling our stomachs, we eat less. And it gives even better results if the water is cold because that way it causes the stomach to contract and makes us less hungry”.

7. Have a good breakfast

Skipping breakfast is one of the most widespread mistakes among people who want to lose weight, but it produces just the opposite effect to what is desired.

“For two reasons: because when we get to the next meal we are hungry and eat more and because prolonged fasting puts the metabolism in a saving mode, that is, it reverses the metabolism of insulin and makes us store more fat”, clarifies the nutrition expert.

A study by scientists at Imperial College (London), published in the Daily Mail in 2012 confirms these explanations.


The experiment, which consisted of scanning the brains of 21 participants, while they were shown pictures of different foods, revealed that the volunteers who skipped breakfast ate more at lunch and also opted for more fatty and sugary foods, which they did not like.

It made me lose weight precisely. One more reason to start the day by giving us a tribute!

7. Serve the portions on small plates

When it comes to losing weight, the psychological factor plays a determining role.

So much so, that the simple fact of seeing a small plate overflowing satisfies us more than seeing a large one halfway, even though the amount of food is greater in the second case than in the first.

This happens this way because we deceive the mind. That is why it is always convenient to serve our food on small plates and dessert bowls.

This system gives such effective results that it is included in the Myplate program of the North American government.


8. Distribute your intake in several shots throughout the day.

The mistake that tends to be made is to think that the fewer calories you eat, the better.

Skipping breakfast or going to bed without dinner does not help, on the contrary, it may be taking you away from your goal without realizing it.

Since if we spend many hours without eating, anxiety or ravenous hunger may appear that predisposes us to consume unhealthy foods that cause a spike in glucose in our blood, with which we will be hungry again in a short time.

On the other hand, the body interprets this situation as fast and can favor the adaptation of the body to energy saving.

The recommended number of meals per day will vary depending on our schedule, customs, and lifestyle, but the recommendation to lose weight is to eat more than three meals a day.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner can be completed with a mid-morning snack or a healthy snack.


It is also not worth skipping meals to “compensate for excesses”  since we predispose the body to the aforementioned situation and do not favor the acquisition of good habits.

9. Learn to say NO and identify possible SABOTEURS.

The spoiler is that part of you that weakens you by making excuses not to do something you want or have to do.

You have to learn to say NO, but you also have to learn to eat by your own decision, with knowledge of the facts and not by inertia, not because the situation leads you to it, nor because the environment encourages you to do so.

You have to learn to make the decision that you most want, the option that best suits your goal or your situation.

10. Include the practice of physical exercise in your daily routine.

DO NOT exercise as a compensatory method for a poor diet, if so, it will end up taking its toll on you. Physical exercise alone does NOT help you lose weight if you still eat more calories than you expend.

Practicing physical exercise regularly will help you lose body fat, prevent the body from adapting to the pattern and, above all, improve your fitness and health, since exercise also generates endorphins and provides well-being.


Look for a sport that you like, that you enjoy and that does not involve an effort to introduce it into your daily routine.

11. Chewing a lot each bite

Already in the 19th century, Horacio Fletcher, known as the great chewer, began to insist on the importance of eating slowly and chewing each bite a lot to stay satiated.

Proof of this is that he lost much of his excess weight thanks to this system and never regained it.

Today we know the scientific answer to the success of his method: our brain takes about 20 minutes to send us the neuronal signal that we are full and if during that time interval we eat very quickly, we will eat more.

“Chewing each bite about 20 times and leaving the fork on the plate while we do it is ideal so as not to overdo the portions,” advises Marta Aranzadi.

12. Eat without tv

A study carried out in 2004 by the Department of Marketing and Nutritional Science of the University of Illinois (USA) ensures that with the TV on we eat more and worse.


More, because we continue doing it mechanically, without realizing that we are already full, and worse because driven by advertising we choose unhealthy foods, which should not be part of our diet.

“To become aware of what we eat and how much we eat, it is essential to focus on eating while we are doing it and avoid distractions such as the TV, the iPad, the mobile…

Only if we dedicate time and space to our food can we maintain a healthy relationship with food”, says Marta Aranzadi.

13. Go to bed early

This is advised by a group of specialists from the Northwestern University of Medicine (Chicago, USA) since they discovered in 2011 that people who go to bed late consume around 250 calories more than those who go to bed early.

The reason, according to their observations, is that they turn to fast food and drink more sweetened soft drinks.

Making calculations, these extra calories can lead us to gain weight… 900 grams per month! Which is an awful lot of extra kilos per year.


14. Plan your meals.

Make a weekly plan of your meals and based on it, make the shopping list.

If the purchase is not planned, you will likely end up eating or snacking on anything that harms the quality of your diet and makes it difficult to lose weight.

The presence of unhealthy foods at home increases the possibility of failure, so it could be said that it is a determining factor for success in the short and long term.

Dare to try new things! It is not only the frequency of consumption of different foods that marks the variety and difference in your daily diet, but also the way of eating and presenting them.

This will allow you to enjoy the change you are making more.

15. Use the plate method

When planning your lunches and dinners, I advise you to keep in mind the plate method, which will help you ensure that they are balanced, varied, and limit quantities.


Always give preference, with half of your plate, to both raw and cooked vegetables.

With salads, the amount eaten is usually not enough, so you should also not forget to also consume vegetables.

A quarter of a plate should be protein in the form of eggs, meat, fish, shellfish, vegetable protein, or legumes, and the other quarter of a plate should be made up of carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, potatoes, or bread.

The dessert can be a piece of fruit or a dairy dessert.

16. Prioritize water consumption over other types of drinks

It is the main component of our body.

Maintaining a good state of hydration is very important and it is recommended to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of fluids a day.


In addition to being the best resource to quench our thirst, it can help us control the impulse of hunger by helping us feel more satiated during the day.

17. Sleep for more hours

This is easy to achieve if we practice the previous tip. According to research conducted in 2014 by Dr. Hengyi Rao, from the University of Pennsylvania (USA), lack of sleep produces alterations in the part of the brain that helps us decide (in the so-called relevance assignment network) and these changes encourage us to consume more fat and fewer carbohydrates, something that over time translates into an obvious weight gain.

Marta Aranzadi says: “Sleeping little or badly influences the hormonal cycle of cortisol, increasing its levels in the blood, something that ultimately affects the pancreas, causing hypoglycemia and increasing the desire to eat. This is why insomniacs often raid the fridge in the middle of the night.”

18. Keep the bedroom cool

Sleeping in a cool room (not cold) forces our body to generate more heat, something that it achieves by activating brown fat, which is responsible for regulating body temperature.

The process occurs as follows: as it is cool outside, adipose tissue cells burn more energy to keep our body warm and this, logically, contributes to faster weight loss than if we slept in a warm room with thick pajamas.

“It’s not a joke, keeping the body at 36.5 ºC involves a significant energy expenditure,” says the nutrition expert.


19. Take vitamin d

Thanks to a study conducted in 2009, Dr. Shalamar Sibley, from the University of Minnesota (USA), found that vitamin D activates the metabolism and that, therefore, people with a deficit in this vitamin have a harder time losing weight.

In order not to suffer from this deficiency, in addition to consuming foods such as egg yolks, salmon, mackerel, sardines, and mushrooms, it is essential to expose ourselves to the sun, not directly of course, but by going for a walk in the street, in the shade, every day.

20. Make love regularly

It is clear that it is not the definitive remedy to stay like sylphs, but it can help us lose some weight.

This is the conclusion reached by the authors of the study  Energy Expenditure during Sexual Activity in Young Healthy Couples, published in the journal PlusOne in 2013.

Antony Karelis, professor at the University of Quebec (Canada) and director of said research, ensures that the average energy expenditure during each sexual act is about 85 calories, which is equivalent to 3 and a half calories per minute. Not bad at all, for such a joyous system.

21. Be constant and persevering with your goal.

Do not give up at the slightest failure in the guideline.


Think that what you are doing is a change of habits, so you should not demand of yourself to make it perfect, but keep it over time and make small improvements.

Any progress in your behavior, in your way of eating, is an advance towards your goal that will allow you to achieve it and above all, maintain it.

22. Take care of your free time, your body, your rest, and love yourself very much

Do activities that are pleasurable for you and that help you avoid problems and release stress.

If your life is full of pleasant things, you will not need to fill your stomach at all hours or release your stress with food.

Also, living without so much stress is the secret to a better quality of life. Take care of yourself on an emotional level.

23. Calculate your body mass index

Calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) by dividing your weight in kg (for example, 69 kg) by your height in meters squared (1.75 x 1.75 = 3.06; in this case, the BMI would be 22, 5).


An index greater than 25 is considered overweight and obesity if it is greater than 30.

If your index is below 25 you should not worry about your health.

24. Eat good fat

The objective of any weight loss plan is to reduce body fat, but it is also important that we need it to synthesize hormones, assimilate vitamins and regenerate cells.

They should provide us with 20-30% of our daily calories.

This means that approximately 30 g is enough for us, which is equivalent to 6 teaspoons throughout the day.

The important thing is that this small amount is “good fat”: for example, 3 teaspoons of raw extra virgin olive oil, a handful of nuts, and a serving of oily fish, rich in omega 3 fatty acids.


25. Eat whole fruits

If you drink juices you will consume more sugars and less fiber, and your hunger will not subside.

On the other hand, whole fruits, which can be eaten at any time, whether for breakfast, dessert, or a snack, are highly recommended, even though there are still those who believe that they should not be part of a weight loss strategy.

Due to the low proportion of carbohydrates, citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruit…), red fruits (strawberries, raspberries…), and fruits with stones or seeds (apples, nectarines…) are especially recommended.

How to shop if you want to lose weight fast

To lose weight, it is very important to review how we do the shopping and what we buy.

We recommend that you go to the market more than to the supermarket.

In large stores, it is much more likely that you will end up succumbing to ultra-processed products that will boycott your health.


In the markets, we usually find only real food: vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, etc. and we also favor local commerce and bet on seasonal food and proximity.

Make a shopping list

Do not improvise in the market, because in the end, you will take home more.

Write down what you need and write down the quantities next to it, tending downwards.

So at the time of making the purchase, you will already have an exact list.

Shopping after eating

It is proven that if you are hungry, you are much more likely to get carried away and take home the least recommended foods.

Buy vegetable first

Start by buying plenty of water. then the fruit and vegetables you want.


Then the rice, the pasta, and the bread and potatoes.

At this point, you will have little space for the rest of the food.

Keep the kitchen tidy

A kitchen where it is difficult to find what you are looking for leads you to prepare fast and nutritionally poor meals.

On the other hand, a tidy kitchen invites you to entertain yourself in the preparation.

Part of the order is to always have the healthy foods you will need.

In a corner that is more difficult to access, practically hidden from view, must be the fattiest foods.



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