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Adele weight loss: how did adele lose weight


Discover Adele’s weight loss secret.

Minus 45 kilos on the scale… In almost two years, the singer Adele has metamorphosed.

In an interview with Vogue UK, the young woman reveals how she managed to achieve the goal she had set for herself. And no, it is not a drastic diet!

In November, the famous singer Adele struck a pose on the cover of British Vogue… And as in her last public appearances, the young woman is transformed!

No wonder, since we know that the interpreter of the international tube Hello has lost nearly 45 kilos in a few months!Adele weight loss: how did adele lose weight

In January 2020, the reason for this spectacular weight loss had also been revealed: “She got to a point where she didn’t feel good.


She knew she had to change something because she wants to be the mom. as healthy as possible“, then explained an anonymous source close to the singer to People magazine.

But wanting to change your lifestyle to feel better is one thing, finding the silhouette you want to have is another!

Because of the many pounds lost, one could imagine that the singer has followed a drastic diet, but it seems that the young woman, now 33 years old, has turned to other solutions…

Significant weight loss: singer Adele reveals her slimming secret

It was in an interview with Vogue UK that Adele chose to confide in this physical metamorphosis.

In an interview published in the November issue, the pretty blonde, who will soon release a new album, recalls that she did not lose these 45 kilos in a snap and that she was able to achieve her goal in two years, after having changed many things in his lifestyle.

She is also keen to clarify that weight loss was not her “primary objective”, but that she was above all seeking to relieve her anxiety.


For this, Adele turned to sport, the best remedy to evacuate stress, and anxieties and limit anxiety daily. A way to feel good in your head, but also your body!

Cardio and muscle strengthening to lose weight effectively

Adele didn’t do things by halves to get back on her feet, because, as she confided to Giles Hattersley, a journalist for Vogue UK, she does physical activity no less than “two or three times a day”.

For results both physically and mentally, the singer combines strength training and cardio workouts, as she explains, “I lift my weights in the morning, then, usually, I walk or box afternoon, finally, in the evening, I do a cardio session”.

The practice of daily exercise would therefore have allowed him to effectively evacuate stress… “I needed to become addicted to something to have a clear mind. It could have been knitting, but it was not the case,” she said.

No diet or food restrictions on the horizon, but a better lifestyle, which would have allowed him to start a virtuous circle!

Very harsh criticism of his physique

Accused of having wanted to lose weight to respond to the “diktats” of society and its criteria of beauty,  Adele gave the points on the “i”, explaining that she expected to receive this type of criticism.


Adele’s weight loss: Don’t take her as a case

Accused of having wanted to lose weight to respond to the “dictates” of society and its criteria of beauty, Adele gave the points on the “i”, explaining that she expected to receive this type of criticism. “I’m not surprised, because my body has been detailed all my career, she let go.

Am I fat or too skinny, am I sexy or not? No matter. I’ve never been inspired by someone because of their looks.

Planetary icon, the singer refuted her role as a model concerning her physique, declaring that we should not copy her in all her actions. “I was proud of my body before, and I am now.

It’s not my job to validate other people’s feelings about their bodies.

It makes me sad to know that some people felt bad about themselves, but that’s not my job.

Weeks after divorcing ex-husband Simon Konecki, father of her 9-year-old son, Adele has opened up about what motivated her to lose weight.


Adele weight loss trick?

In reality, she didn’t follow a specific diet, she simply took up the sport to think of something else.

“I mostly dealt with my anxiety by playing sports,” she said. I carried the worst panic attacks after my separation – it confused me and I felt like I had lost control of my body.

And I noticed how much confidence I retained when my trainer was there when I felt lost, but also, I possessed no more anxiety when I was at the gym.

It became a time for me, having something to do every day when I had nothing planned for my days”.

Sirtfood diet: Adele’s method to lose 45 kilos?

Although it has been around for a long time, the Sirtfood diet has been widely popularized by the stars who have followed it.

Pippa Middleton first then Adele who would have lost 45 kilos quickly thanks to him.


Created by Aidan Goggins, pharmacist and nutritionist, and Glen Matten, a graduate in nutritional medicine in the United Kingdom, this diet promises a loss of 3 kilos per week. Big plan.

What’s this?

The Sirtfood diet, made famous by Pipa Middleton, promises to lose weight quickly (3 kilos in one week), and above all without deprivation since you can eat chocolate and red wine!


We mainly eat foods that act on enzymatic proteins (“sirtuins”), which would increase the body’s ability to burn fat (lipolysis), and exert an anti-aging effect (in particular by preventing neurodegenerative diseases).

These “superfoods” are apple, blueberry, kale, onion, citrus fruits, olive oil, soy, nuts, coffee, matcha green tea, turmeric… but also dark chocolate and red wine, which explains the craze for this diet!

How to do the Sirtfood diet?

In phase 1, the first 3 days are limited to 1000 kcal/day, with 3 “SirtFood” vegetable juices + a single meal of superfoods, and the following 4 days, we are at 1500 kcal (2 juices + 2 meals ).

We then continue, for 2 weeks, with 1 meal + 3 juices. We can chain the cures.


What foods are high in sirtuins?

•Dark chocolate (min 85%)


•Red wine





•Arugula salad

•Virgin olive oil


•Matcha green tea








•Red chicory

•Thai chili



What are the benefits of this diet?

Caloric restriction (because it is, even if we praise the “pleasure” effect of chocolate and wine, we still eat quite a little, 1 to 2 times a day only) has beneficial effects on life expectancy. life: it would effectively protect against aging.

What are the disadvantages?

Before having the wind in its sails thanks to Pippa Middleton (who does not have a crucial need for it given her silhouette), this diet launched in 2016 by two English dieticians had not convinced the specialists, who were still doubtful.

On the one hand, on a scientific level: no study has been done on the effect of sirtuins in humans (the only work carried out is done in mice, yeast, and cell cultures), and we do not know the real medium and long-term effects of this diet (especially since these are long and difficult studies to set up).

Then because this diet promises ultra-rapid weight loss… generally guaranteeing fat loss but also muscle mass (and water loss), as well as

Our opinion?

If the “chocolate and red wine” marketing argument hits the nail on the head with gourmets, the Sift Food Diet remains a low-calorie diet, which can be considered restrictive even if it is not sold as such.


Ultra-targeted on certain foods, it does not rely on variety, which is essential for optimal intakes of vitamins and minerals and… to avoid frustration.

Not to mention that chocolate, red wine, and olive oil have never been prohibited in many classic diets.

On the contrary, they participate, in particular, in the famous Mediterranean diet, considered one of the best diets in the world for the line and health.



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