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Does verbena make you lose weight?


Discover if verbena can make you lose weight.

Lots of people are more and more fond of herbal teas: on average each drinks 132 cups per year.

But among the many plants with recognized virtues, it is sometimes difficult to choose.

Among the best known and most appreciated, we will mention verbena, which would allow better digestion and sleep well.

But does it have other benefits? And above all, could verbena allow you to lose weight?Does verbena make you lose weight?

Focus on verbena

We should rather speak of verbenas, a genus of plants comprising more than 100 different species. When we talk about verbena, we are primarily referring to:


•Verbena Officinalis, namely verbena officinalis, used since antiquity for its medicinal properties;

•Aloysia citrodora (formerly Lippia citriodora ), or lemon verbena (or lemon verbena), is often used in herbalism and perfumery and appreciated for its lemony taste and flavor.

Thus, today, when we drink verbena herbal tea, it is the second plant that we consume. But make no mistake, both species have benefits!

Benefits of verbena

Verbena Officinalis

This type of verbena, due to its high content of terpenes (chemical substances specific to plants), has effects on many physiological functions. Thereby:

•It is used as an expectorant and antimicrobial of the respiratory tract. Thus it can be useful in the management of inflammation of the throat and sinuses, typically colds, asthma, bronchitis, and sinusitis (1);

•Its a diuretic plant, so it can be used to stimulate urinary excretion from the kidneys, but also to limit the phenomenon of water retention;


•It is recommended for women, for whom it would relieve menstrual pain, while in young mothers, it would promote lactation (hormonal stimulation);

•It would also have benefits on mental and nervous health and could improve states of stress and anxiety, fight against depression, reduce chronic fatigue syndrome and improve insomnia and migraine (2);

•It is best known for its effects on digestion, soothing abdominal pain, bloating, heartburn, or transit disorders (3);


•Its softening, anti-inflammatory and antifungal qualities are beneficial to the skin, so it can be used in the management of wounds, but also mouth ailments such as gingivitis and abscesses (4);

•Finally, its antioxidant activity could be interesting against oxidative stress and, in extenso, in the prevention of diseases associated with oxidation (premature aging, but also cancer) (5).

Lemon verbena

The fragrant verbena, which gladly accompanies our end of meal, is also rich in beneficial essential oils. Thereby :


•Its antioxidant activity is recognized, also it contributes to the strengthening of the immune system (6) against viruses and pathogens and of the vascular system against inflammation (7)  ;

•It is beneficial to digestive function, reducing intestinal spasms (8) and boosting the secretion of digestive enzymes (9);

•Its molecular structure would work like a benzodiazepine, so it would have antidepressant and sedative effects, beneficial against sleep and mood disorders (10).

Can we say that verbena makes you lose weight?

This is a bold shortcut. To say that simply consuming a plant can make you lose weight is incorrect.

To lose weight, you have to adopt a healthy lifestyle, make adequate lifestyle and dietary measures: daily physical activity, balanced and varied diet, sufficient and restorative sleep, and avoidance of stress.

However, the notable effects of verbena can act as a boost, if you are on a diet or simply concerned about your line:


•The diuretic action of verbena officinalis helps to fight against water retention and, to an extent, cellulite;

•Verbena officinalis and lemon verbena have positive effects on stress and sleep, directly involved in weight gain;

•The two verbenas are also beneficial for good digestion, which helps to recover and keep a flatter stomach;

•The regular consumption of these antioxidant plants helps to put the body in a good position to lose weight;

•Finally, verbena is mainly consumed in the form of infusions. But drinking does not make you lose weight but does stimulate the emunctory organs, drain and detoxify the body.

Also, don’t hesitate to drink a little verbena herbal tea at the end of a meal!



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