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Exercises to lose weight in stomach


Discover exercises to lose weight in the stomach.

Forget the magic pills and other miracle methods sometimes advocated by magazines.

To have a flat stomach, there are two imperatives: exercise and eat well! No, don’t leave, we assure you that everything will be fine… A little motivation and follow the guide!

The belly, this unloved, camped on the highest step of the complex podium. Surely, you would like to accept it, to compliment it, to feel good as you are. But, that’s how it is, we don’t choose complexes. Exercises to lose weight in stomach

Yet you follow the recommendations of the PNNS (National Health Nutrition Program), it is to understand nothing. “A bit of everything and a bit of everything”, as we can hear. Yes, thank you, but that’s not all.

And then, when you are drastic and the expected results on your bidou are long overdue, there is reason to be discouraged.


Precisely, being drastic will only bring you frustration, especially since there is no miracle recipe for targeting fat loss.

Instead, we offer you the most reliable and healthy method: sport (if it is accompanied by a balanced diet and a good dose of willpower of course).

To help you achieve your goals, and feel better in your body and your mind, we offer you 5 ideas on how to lose belly fat with exercises.

Exercises to lose belly fat

To lose your fat globally, and particularly at the level of the belly, doing cardio training is undoubtedly the best solution. You can practice it in different forms: power walking, running, burpees, skipping rope, swimming, cycling…

Whichever you choose, the longer you practice, the more effective your weight loss will be.

On average, it is after a minimum of 20 minutes of practice that the body will draw on fat (everything will depend on the intensity of the exercise). Hang in there, it’s for a good cause and it’s great for the heart.


The jumping rope

From losing weight to getting toned, rope training has many benefits. But how do we do it? How to adjust your jump rope? Adopt the right posture. What type of training to opt for? We tell you more here!

Put the odds on your side and feel as comfortable as possible during your first workouts, suitable equipment is essential.

So we’re going to put on our sportswear and put on our sneakers! Be sure to put on flexible and light sports shoes with sufficient cushioning for your jumps. For people who may be bothered by the movements of their chest, the bra is strongly recommended to maintain the breasts in this activity.

Regarding the material, the length of the jump rope must be adapted to your size. To get the right length, place your feet on the ground in the middle of the rope, the handles in each hand, and stretch it! The ends of the jump rope should come under your armpits.

If you suffer from back or joint problems, jumping rope should be avoided. Remember to ask your doctor for advice before you (re)start the sport.

Appropriate equipment and the right gesture can reduce any pain or injury.


Cross training

Cross training, or cross training, is ideal for people who like to discover several practices simultaneously. This training method consists of chaining endurance, cardio, and weightlifting exercises, with equipment or body weight. The objective is to work not an isolated muscle, but various muscle chains during a workout.

The sessions are short. You need about 30 minutes, which is more than enough to spend you effectively (at the same time we said above that it takes 45 minutes…).

The variety of exercises and the fact of changing them regularly gives cross-training a particularly playful aspect: you are not bored for a second. It is advisable to start gradually in terms of intensity and load. Start with one to two sessions per week, and, for the most motivated, then go up to three or four workouts.

In the family of cross-training, we find in particular the HIIT and the Tabata, whose effectiveness is no longer to be proven!

Does doing ABs make you lose belly fat?

Not necessarily! Sheathing, on the other hand, could quickly become your best friend…

We would also easily tend to believe that doing abs en masse is the perfect way to get a flat stomach. Lack of luck, this is not quite the case: the traditional “crunches” will make you gain volume, which is not particularly the desired goal.


Concentrate on abdominal or costal sheathing: these exercises will work your deep abdominals (iliac, psoas, transverse, obliques) and will accentuate the desired “flat stomach” effect.

Test the stomach vacuum technique, the only exercise that has a real impact on the circumference of your belly.

Get refined with walking

You have certainly already heard of the famous 10,000 daily steps recommended. Just to be curious, you even installed an application on your smartphone.

And there is the tragedy: you are missing 3,000 steps! How about bridging this gap by walking differently? There is no shortage of choices:

Fitness walking: To be practiced alone or in a group, fitness walking continues to see its number of followers grow.

To walk sportily, you just have to roll your foot on the ground starting with the heel, then pass on the sole of your foot, and come to propel yourself by its tip to take a step that will bring you to the next foot. Your arms are also active! It’s very gentle on the joints.


Nordic walking: As far as Nordic walking is concerned, the waltz of the feet is the same as that of fitness walking, except that it is practiced with sticks.

These allow you to relieve your joints. By pushing on your poles, you propel your body forward. In addition, you work on your coordination and balance.

Race walking: Race walking is the fastest of the three walks and is even an Olympic discipline! In this sport, you must always keep contact with the ground and the leg which is on the ground must be tense.

By rotating the pelvis forward, you manage to propel your lead leg to the ground. Also, use your arms well which makes you gain speed.

So, there is a walk that makes you want to, right? And why choose? Either way, you improve your stamina with all three. The fat loss is guaranteed!

Slim thanks to the bike

Cycling allows you to strengthen your cardiovascular system and build strength. This activity also relieves your joints because your body is not in direct contact with the ground. If you have a few extra pounds, cycling is a great way to get rid of them.


As in any initiation to a sports practice, progressiveness must be in order. Start with twenty minutes once or twice a week and at a moderate pace allows you to gradually increase your practice time and the intensity of your training. It is raining? Opt for the home trainer.

In addition, the bike is easy to incorporate into your daily life. Do you live between five and ten kilometers from your place of work? Get on your bike, you will also spend less time in traffic jams and do good for the planet. What more?

Lose belly fat by swimming

Archimedes’ principle and the resulting buoyancy (note the pun) make swimming a so-called “ carried ” sport. Without impacts, your joints are preserved, and say thank you!

The breaststroke, the butterfly, the backstroke, and the front crawl (and even the doggie!) are all strokes that allow you to work the muscles of your body differently.

And we all know what happens when our muscles are used: the fat gradually melts away to make way for nice cracks.

And, even if your belly does not sport the famous chocolate bar of your dreams, your abdominal strap is no less reinforced.


In other words, you strengthen your whole body and improve your posture. A toned silhouette is yours!

Yoga: the slimming and well-being trick

Like swimming, yoga is the perfect ally for your posture. These two sports make the perfect pair! With yoga, you work on your flexibility, and your balance, while learning to control your breath. Learning that is very important in the practice of all sports, but also your daily life.

And for good reason, how many people have you ever heard deploring the presence of love handles? Maybe you even feel concerned? If there’s one thing yoga teaches us, it’s letting go.

By learning to relax, you facilitate the weight loss process that is important to you, and above all, it does you a lot of good!

Diets to help lose belly fat

Did you know that the satiety signal only appears after 20 minutes? This is the time it takes for our body to pick up the signal of satisfaction sent by the brain.

So by giving yourself 30 minutes per meal and eating slowly, you can feel full in time and avoid overeating! Many studies have shown that eating fast increases the risk of overweight and obesity.


Before you even start playing sports, one of the essential elements of your success will be to eat more healthily. Goodbye junk food and hello vegetables, whole grains, and legumes.

Foods rich in fiber and therefore favorable to intestinal transit. Don’t worry, we allow ourselves a little indulgence from time to time, and to do it without feeling guilty, we offer you healthy recipes, like this delicious healthy lost brioche!

You can go with your eyes closed to so-called probiotic foods: yogurts, pickles, kefir, or sourdough bread that will improve your digestion.

Overall, orient yourself towards foods that are low in calories but have high nutritional values, such as cooked vegetables, rich in fiber, and more digestible.

Also welcome white meats, fish, and starches (in small quantities at each meal). Don’t forget to eat slowly: digestion needs to be as good as possible.

Drink a lot, and rather outside meals: water, tea, and infusion will be your best friends.


Limit fiber

Did you know that fiber promotes intestinal transit, protects against certain diseases, and helps control weight? Studies advise us to consume 25 to 30g of fiber per day.

The fibers soak up water in the stomach giving an impression of satiety, so they have a significant appetite suppressant effect.

They are found in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes. Be careful not to abuse them, in large quantities, they can irritate the intestines and promote bloating.

Opt for vegetables

Did you know that vegetables drain the body? Vegetables are rich in water and fiber, they digest well and help the body to eliminate.

Be sure to limit raw vegetables, very rich in fiber, they promote bloating. The essential vegetables for a flat stomach are, among others, salads, beets, artichokes, and asparagus.

Limit salt consumption

Did you know that excess salt in the diet promotes water retention? Indeed, the role of salt is to retain water in the body.


Thus, I advise you to taste your dishes before taking the salt shaker. I also advise you to limit industrial dishes high in salt.

Protect your digestive system

Did you know that bacteria protect our colon? To maintain and strengthen our digestive tract, it is important to promote the good bacteria called “probiotics”.

Their role, among other things, is to reduce abdominal pain, and bloating and regulate transit. For this, nothing like foods rich in fiber, the latter being essential for the maintenance of our intestinal flora.

I advise you to favor unprocessed commercial products and to consume whole or semi-whole grains. Don’t forget the vegetables, ideally consuming one raw vegetable and one cooked vegetable per meal.

Forget diet and opt for a balanced diet

Compose your day with 3 meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If necessary, you can also add a small snack in the afternoon (fruits, oilseeds…).

– Bring starchy foods with each meal (in smaller quantities at dinner). For pulses, avoid bloating by soaking them 12 to 24 hours before cooking them).


– Consume over one or two meals (or even 3 meals for the more athletic) a protein product such as meat, fish, egg, or vegetable protein.

– Don’t forget the vegetables at each meal, –

Remember to put a dairy product for dessert at each meal,

– Limit the intake of fats and sugary products,

– Remember to drink water regularly, throughout the day.



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