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How to lose more than 6 kilos per month (45 kg in 7 and a half months)?


Here is Diane’s journey to lose 45 kilograms in just over 7 months, going from 110 to 65 kilograms. She tells her method in this testimonial article.


My name is Diane ASSOUM-NGUEMA. I’m 31 years old. I am a mother of two children and I took a course in communication. I live in Lyon and I’ve always had extra pounds.

However, this excess weight is mainly explained by the pregnancy of my second child (weight gain during the 9 months, kilos that I kept afterward).

The reasons for my weight gain are simple: junk food and a great lack of discipline in my diet.

As I gained weight, I veiled myself by telling myself that I still feel good and that not everyone is meant to be thin.How to lose more than 6 kilos per month (45 kg in 7 and a half months)?

My click

What pushed me to lose weight is naturally my great overweight, because I was already 110 kg and it was not at all normal to do anything given my size.


One day, I said to myself “here weigh yourself to see”. And this weighing hurt me. Seeing such high numbers on the scale, when I did not expect it, caused a real awakening. The latter was another factor in motivating me to lose weight.

To lose weight, I first realized that I was eating haphazardly and anything. In short, I was eating too messy and unbalanced.

I then had to sort through my refrigerator. I had an important motivator: my husband, who never stopped motivating me!

I reduced my food portions, I learned to drink a lot more than I used to, and I ate less at meals.

I signed up for a gym where I could work out from time to time. I did brisk walking on the indoor treadmill (about 30 minutes each session) to sweat as much as possible.

What did I do to lose weight?

Before starting my diet I weighed myself. Then I bought a dress I liked a few sizes down.


Indeed, I was already in size 48, and this dress was size 42. I had set myself the goal of getting into this dress in 5 months. Keeping this goal in mind has helped me a lot to lose weight.

I also had to substantially modify my diet to put it much more rigorously. I added a little sport to sweat as much as possible.

No more junk food, snacking between meals, and adopting a healthy diet had become my priority.

As I used to eat a lot at noon (before starting my diet), I had to learn to eat half of my plates,

When I am hungry, I take a fruit (preferably grapes, a peach, or an apple). I avoid stuffy fruits like bananas.

In the evening, I can have the same meal as at noon but the portions are half the size (as what I eat at noon). Or I take a salad, noodles, etc.


I made it a rule to eat at set times, and not to eat after 7:30 p.m. It allows me to digest well.

If I get hungry late at night, I take an infusion. If the hunger persists, I take a fruit. However, I discipline my stomach by asking ” Are you hungry or just want something to satisfy your whim?”?” By asking myself this question before I ate, I was able to avoid a lot of nibbling at night.

What is the evolution of my weight loss?

On January 1, 2018, I started my challenge to lose 30 kilos. At the end of these 5 months, so on May 19, 2018, my goal was reached (going from 110 kg to 80 kg).

I continued my evolution with challenges and other goals because I knew that I could have the size and the kilos that I wanted as soon as the 30 extra kilos were rid. And there, I said to myself “Diane is aiming for 65 kilos because it is possible, you just have to lose another 15 kilos”.

I lost another 15 kg in 2.5 months (from 80 to 65 kg).

Examples of menu used during my diet

Here is my favorite anti-nibble: I drink water whenever I feel like snacking!


I’m learning to discipline my stomach so that I don’t always eat when it calls for it.

I avoid stepping on my scale every other day to check if I’ve lost weight, because the more you notice that you’re not losing weight, the more you risk being frustrated not to see the numbers go down.


By not noticing any positive evolution following our slimming efforts, we risk stressing out and this ends up making us fat.

Morning: 2 or 3 rusks, 1 glass of tea, milk, and 1 fruit of your choice.

Lunch: salad, rice, potato, vegetables, meat, fish, and 1 dessert of your choice.

To taste :1 yogurt, 1 fruit, or 1 fruit cocktail (if you are a little hungry)


Evening: salad, soup, 1 fruit, 1 yogurt

Each meal must be accompanied by plenty of water.

My slimming tips

To lose weight, I think having excellent motivation is essential. It is in us, we just have to press where it is needed. This is called having faith in ourselves.

If we don’t believe in what we are capable of doing then it’s a waste of time.

I had to believe in myself, and tell myself that if other people have managed to lose weight, I can do it too, or even better!

Around me, I had my husband, my sister-in-law, and friends to support me.


One of my friends sent me a picture of my size 42 dress (fitting into it was my main goal), almost every weekend to remind me of my challenge, and especially to encourage me not to let go.

It’s important to have support when you want to lose weight without giving up along the way.

When I say to myself “today I’m tired, I don’t want to eat healthily or play sports”, my dress is never far from me.

Seeing her made it easy for me to remember not to let go. Of course, having the full support of my husband was very helpful to me as well.

I avoid getting on the scale because it is for me. By doing it, if you don’t lose weight compared to the previous days, you feel almost useless. And this is damaging to our weight loss.

How did I find motivation and support?

Motivation lies dormant in us, we just have to realize that it is there. Saying and doing are two different things. You have to be determined in whatever you want to do.


It is indeed by your actions that the people around you see if you are persevering or if you give up too easily.

I happen to be more the type of person who, when she wants something, ends up getting it. I think I have shown this determination to those around me!

People at the beginning motivated me because of my speech, and my wish to lose weight. But when they saw the first 30 pounds lighter, they thought I was really brave. And there, no one was disappointed with the final result of my figure.

What did I do to stabilize the weight after losing?

Seeing that you’ve lost weight makes you feel more beautiful. We then say to ourselves “it is no longer a question of regaining weight”.

So we continue to eat as we did during the food rebalancing ( respecting the food pyramid in fact ). And this diet becomes a healthy lifestyle, without constraint or stress.

New lifestyle, I adopted with love and pleasure. Because everything we do, we must not do it under duress, otherwise we end up falling back into bad habits. You have to eat healthy to maintain a stable weight after losing weight.


Some anecdotes related to my weight loss

I always wanted my husband to carry me. When I lost 45 kg, he ended up carrying me on my birthday. I felt a lot of joy and pride at that time.


Being overweight is our enemy. So to get the extra pounds out of our sight, what do we do? We open the door and we say “never again”!

Knowing what you want and how far you can go is important. Nothing is impossible for anyone.

If I was able to lose a total of 45 kg, anyone can do it, you just have to want it. Have a mind of steel and exhibit the strength of the lion that sleeps in you!


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