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How to lose weight fast in 2 weeks


Discover how to lose weight fast in 2 weeks.

As summer approaches and the famous “bikini test”, it’s always the same old story: we realize that the good resolutions we made in the spring (going back to the gym, eating more salads and fewer fries, tidying up our apartment and sorting out our dressing room, etc.) have remained a dead letter and that the few extra pounds that we had inherited from winter are still there.

The problem is that in barely 2 or 3 weeks, we will find ourselves at the beach, a stone’s throw from girls who may have followed their good spring resolutions…How to lose weight fast in 2 weeks

The loser! What we need is a battle plan to quickly get rid of our few superfluous kilos, just to approach the holidays a little more serenely… and slimly!

Do you want to lose weight fast in 2 weeks? It’s possible, but you must set yourself a reasonable goal, because losing weight too quickly may tire you out and have the opposite effect when you resume your usual diet.

We will explain some effective tips and tricks to lose weight fast in 2 weeks without putting your body at risk and keeping your morale high.


A. Food, a major pillar of weight

To lose weight in two weeks, do not kid yourself: you will have to take control of your diet.

Feed weighs 70% in weight. Also, some dietary measures are necessary.

1- “Red card” foods

To lose weight quickly, you will have to eliminate high-calorie foods, which promote storage and do not necessarily bring good to your body. So we say goodbye:

•To cooked dishes: they are fatty, too salty, too sweet. Nothing else to say than to definitively abandon them, on a diet or not!

With saturated fats: if you want to lose weight quickly, you have to admit that you have to leave out foods rich in saturated fats: fried foods and breadcrumbs, palm oil-based preparations, high-calorie dairy products (cream, butter, aged cheeses)…

To sweet products: sugar, as we all know, is the number one enemy of the line. To lose weight in two weeks, avoid sugar and its by-products – and that goes from crackers to soda!


Salt: Doctors often say that salt is a silent poison.  Consumed in excess, it is bad for blood pressure, kidney function, skin firmness, and weight because it promotes water retention.

Bet instead on aromatic herbs and spices, they are packed with antioxidants and delicious.

With alcohol: hollow calories hello! Alcohol brings nothing to the body, except pure sugar… and the pounds that go with it.

2- Consume in moderation

To lose weight in two weeks, it seems wise to monitor the consumption of certain products, such as:

Carbohydrates: it would not be wise to ban them completely from your diet because they are still essential for the proper functioning of your body… Especially your brain, which is fond of them.

To avoid fatigue, untimely cravings, and sleepless nights, opt for complex carbohydrates with a low glycemic index: raw or whole grains, root vegetables, quinoa, and legumes.


Lipids: the body needs fat, let it be said. Prefer unsaturated fatty acids, found in cold-pressed vegetable oils, avocado, or blue fish (sardines, mackerel, herring).

Some, like omega-3 and 6, are said to be essential: the body does not know how to produce them.

3- Foods favorable to rapid slimming

To lose weight in two weeks, it is best to focus on:

Plants: fruits and vegetables are your friends! Prefer them in season, to take advantage of all their vitamins! Not to mention their high fiber content, good for digestion, transit, and weight.

Lean proteins: white meat and fish are invited to your table, but not only! Egg whites and fresh cheeses (cottage cheese, fresh goat cheese, cottage cheese) are also excellent sources of protein, to prevent muscle wasting.

Vegetable proteins: soy (tempeh, tofu, oilseeds (nuts such as almonds or walnuts), and seeds (hemp, squash, fenugreek, chia ) are excellent slimming partners!


B. Beware of long-term diets!

If you are considering a diet, make sure it remains a short-term diet.

Indeed, a restrictive and/or exclusive diet can have harmful consequences on the body… and the head.

Nutritional imbalances and micronutrient deficiencies can be created, leading to serious pathologies:

•Weight loss occurs at the level of fat mass, but also at the level of muscle and bone mass.

•The risk of a rebound effect (or yoyo effect) when resuming a “normal” diet is very likely.

You thought you were losing weight. Result: you get even more!


•Some diets can be dangerous to health. For example, a high protein diet can cause kidney, bone, and heart problems.

But dieting can also have disastrous mental health consequences :

•Development of eating disorders, such as orthorexia, bulimia, anorexia, or binge eating.

•Appearance of anxiety, loss of self-esteem, even a depressive syndrome

Also, okay for the express diet to lose weight in 2 weeks and detoxify your body, but not for the hyper-restrictive diets that drag on in time!

C. Don’t try to lose weight fast

Losing a lot of weight in a short time is a dream that many people want to achieve, especially before summer. However, all nutritionists will tell you, that this is a big error in assessment.


Indeed, by suddenly depriving your body of food, you will drop the water and the muscular proportion of your body.

On the other hand, the fat will not go first. You will feel tired, even morally, and you will not have enough energy to carry out your daily tasks.

Finally, your body will try to recover as quickly as possible from this dramatic and brutal weight loss and your weight may increase even more when you relax your efforts.

D. Set a reasonable goal

You can set a goal to boost yourself, as long as it’s manageable and doesn’t endanger your health.

Dietitians recommend losing between 500 grams and 1 kilo maximum per week, a goal that can be achieved by calculating the calories and quantity of the food you eat.

Then, you guessed it, you’ll need to burn as many of those calories as you’ve consumed.


You may need to make some organizational changes in your daily life, to establish habits conducive to gradual weight loss.

E. Focus on sport

Another sine qua non for weight loss: physical activity. If you want to lose weight in two weeks, there is no miracle recipe, you will have to move a little.


In winter, it can be complicated to indulge in sports outdoors. However, outdoor cardio sessions are ideal for oxygenating the body and mind.

In addition, cool temperatures boost lipolysis. Opt for warm and breathable clothing: “smart” textiles are a must in sports stores today. And go running, walking or cycling, as you wish.

Two to three one-hour sessions will get you started on the weight loss process. To these endurance sessions, add a home sports routine.

It is now very easy to do exercises at home: tutorials, videos, TV shows… Not to mention our “turnkey” solutions: the Softball Exercise Kit, which contains an exercise ball and targeted coaching for 21 days, and the Elastic Exercise Kit, which includes an elastic and 3 thigh-abs-gluteal coaching sessions.


Take advantage: our guides offer a multitude of simple exercises to perform, complete sports routines, and a wealth of advice to motivate you. With that, it’s impossible not to lose weight fast in 2 weeks!

Lose 10 kg in less than 2 weeks: what is the Cosmonaut diet worth?

Originally developed by NASA doctors in the 1960s to help astronauts lose weight quickly.

Although it is not exclusively for “space men”, as it was a nutritional plan for anyone who worked on space missions.

Indeed, the staff was confronted with permanent stress and the diet was intended to avoid gastric problems.

Along with intense training, the astronauts had to recover as much energy as possible.

Reputed to be very effective, this low calorie and high protein diet is therefore very low in calories, very strict, and quite difficult to follow, but allows you to lose up to 10 kilos in two weeks.


The basic rules of the Cosmonaut diet

These are three days dictated to the letter which require irreproachable discipline.

The first idea, to lose weight, is to drink water, lots of water or tea, herbal tea or coffee up to 2 liters a day.

Then, you must also remove fats such as oil, margarine, and butter from your diet.

This diet prohibits sugar while allowing sweeteners.

As for vegetables, they are of course authorized, but without lipids, and the seasoning of salads, consists of lemon, mustard, or vinegar to replace a classic vinaigrette.

It is essential to respect the imposed quantities and not to replace one food with another.


Finally, it is recommended to exercise daily, a good walk may be enough, but at a rate of 30 minutes minimum.

This Cosmonaut diet should be supplemented with vitamins and minerals.

It is not recommended to follow this drastic regime for more than 14 days, however, in case of renewal, it is better to leave two weeks in between.

One week of the Cosmonaut diet

The cosmonaut diet day remains intense and difficult to bear since it challenges you to eat neither more nor less than the quantities indicated;

Breakfast: coffee or tea and 1 toast.

Lunch: 3 hard-boiled eggs, tomato or 1 grilled fillet of meat (200 g), a green salad or a tomato and celery salad and a tangerine or an orange or 1 hard-boiled egg, 3 grated carrots, defatted cooked ham (150 g) or steamed fish (200 g), 1 tomato or 1/4 chicken (cooked without the skin, with lemon), green salad or 1 grilled fillet of meat (250 g), 1 orange.


Dinner: 1 grilled fillet (200 g), a green salad or defatted York ham (150 g), 1 skimmed yogurt or 2 hard-boiled eggs, defatted cooked ham (100 g), green salad or fruit salad, 1 yogurt skimmed or 1 grilled meat fillet (250 g) or 2 boiled eggs, a bowl of grated carrots.

Cosmonaut diet: how effective?

This diet, which was designed for professional astronauts for a specific purpose with a strict framework, has the first advantage of losing weight very quickly.

Indeed, there is an average weight loss of 3 kg in 3 days and 10 kg in 2 weeks. The main advantage is therefore speeding.

Another advantage is its proportionally short duration of 14 days maximum makes it bearable despite its low-calorie intake.

A diet that is difficult to sustain and too restrictive

Astronauts are professionals trained and supervised by an entire medical team that continuously checks their state of health.

This type of diet outside of any medical framework is to be avoided.


This diet is indeed too restrictive and the objective of lasting weight loss is difficult to maintain, not to mention the potential nutritional deficiencies that it could create.

In the 1960s, the daily intake during the trial did not exceed 900 kcal.

At this stage, no surprise on the weight loss associated with muscle wasting, incompatible with the effort.

With this type of diet, physical activity is not even possible, because the body receives too little energy.

Today, diets below 1200kcal are rare because it is the average minimum to run our basic metabolism.

Watch out for eating disorders

A diet that also makes you hungry. Reaching 900 kcal starting from around 2200 kcal per day affects satiety.


And if you are used to yoyo diets, the effectiveness is not even guaranteed, while the rebound weight gain is obvious.

By following strict blind instructions, this ultra-restrictive diet does not educate in any way about the eating behaviors that may have facilitated weight gain or which foods are mainly responsible for weight gain, so the result cannot be lasting.

Completely depleted in saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, as all fat is removed.

It can even trigger or aggravate eating disorders: compulsions, and bulimia.

Despite its short duration, it remains difficult to follow without making the slightest deviation.

In the end, losing 10kg in less than 2 weeks does not exist and if you manage to do so, it is because you have lost above all water and muscle.


But gaining fatigue, deficiencies, and the effect yo-yo will most certainly be felt.

When everything works, we can hope to lose a maximum of 3kg of fat per month for women, rarely more, and sometimes 5 for men.

Which is already very good for changing your figure quite quickly, and at the same time considerably improving your health.



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