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How to lose weight in a week


Discover how to lose weight in a week.

Is this possible or is this a joke? Well yes, you can do it! If you put your mind to work.

If you are trying to figure out how to lose 2 kg in a week then you have come to the right place as this guide will tell you how to do it safely.

Anyway, certain situations will require you to lose a few pounds very quickly.

Whether it’s for a wedding, a prom, or a special occasion, losing 2 kg in a week can make a big difference to you in your dream dress.How to lose weight in a week

To lose this amount of weight quickly, you will need to make some adjustments to your diet and lifestyle.


You need to start a proper diet plan that will provide you with the necessary number of calories and all the necessary ingredients that your body will need to function properly.

For example, a big change you will have to make is to cut sugar from your diet.

Do not confuse weight loss with fat loss

There is a difference between losing weight and losing fat. Many people are looking to shed a few extra pounds.

But the important thing is not so much the weight but the percentage of body fat.

It is indeed the excess fats that must be eliminated (they are part of what is called fat mass) while preserving or even developing the muscles (lean mass).

If you put on some weight by building muscle while losing fat, you’re on the right track.


Indeed, it is not a question of losing muscle. Some diets designed to lose weight quickly can cause you to lose weight and are dangerous for your health.

Staying healthy requires the right balance. The BMI is an indicator that allows you to know how to situate yourself.

You can also use an impedance scale to know approximately and follow the evolution of your fat mass.

These tools should be used with caution. Always seek the advice of a specialist who will be able to guide you according to your specific situation.

4 conditions to optimize weight loss

To lose fat permanently, you must reduce fat mass by combining a healthy and balanced diet and physical activity, a little sport for example, but not just any way (see below), while avoiding as much as possible.

Stress releases hormones (cortisol and adrenaline) which serve to boost the body physically to protect it from the source of stress but, indirectly, encourage poor eating and therefore weight gain.


The psychological aspect, which is often overlooked, also plays an essential role and, if treated, could solve most overweight problems gently and lastingly (see our tip no. 6).

Finally, losing weight takes time. Do not try at all costs to lose weight quickly…

To lose weight healthily, i.e. to lose superfluous fat, you must:

A balanced diet: allows not to store fat more than necessary. To lose fat and weight, you don’t necessarily have to eat less, but you have to eat better. Certain foods or combinations of foods help limit fat storage. Certain dietary supplements can also help you.

A little physical activity helps to destock excess fat by activating the metabolism. With training, the fat utilization process becomes more efficient. Sport is not necessarily an effective way to lose weight. You still have to follow certain rules. We talk about it below.

A serene life and an adapted lifestyle: they avoid the additional storage of fat.


Understand the origin of the problem: the problem to be dealt with is not that I eat too much but why I eat too much. If this problem is solved, losing weight becomes a much easier goal to achieve.

How to lose weight in a week

Here are 6 easy and practical tips for losing weight and fat sustainably.

The list is not exhaustive. We wanted to highlight some effective and not always well-known tips.

1. Change your eating habits

We can never say it enough, the best solution is to adopt a healthy and balanced diet and to move.

Good habits are the guarantee to lose weight and above all, not regain it.

The loss may be a little longer, less dramatic, but it will be lasting.


In addition, if your eating habits are catastrophic (very fatty, very sweet, and rich in processed foods, for example) and/or if you are very overweight, this loss of the first 2 kilos will happen very quickly. What motivation to continue!

Don’t skip meals

Still, it’s tempting. You are probably saying to yourself that, if we do not eat, we force our body to draw on reserves and therefore destock the superfluous kilos.

Except… it doesn’t work that way! Frustrated and feeling the risk of lack coming, our body will tend to store more to preserve itself: the opposite of the desired effect.

Moreover, not eating enough is a guaranteed lack of energy.

During a hard day, being hungry means taking the risk of falling for a snack that will weigh on our hips.

To manage his feeling of hunger, we do not deprive ourselves and we listen to his needs.


We choose the right foods to do ourselves well and we limit or even eliminate, those we don’t need.

Focus on breakfast

The first meal of the day keeps you going all morning. Even on a diet, you can’t skip breakfast.

It helps us to recover from the night fast and therefore to be in good shape without being hungry from the start of the day. Ideally, it consists of:

– A portion of cereal (Prefer wholemeal bread to white bread and homemade granola to industrial cereals)

– Dairy product

– 1 fruit (ideally whole, they are more interesting and less sweet than fruit juice)


– One hot or cold drink to rehydrate

Eliminate and limit certain foods

For rapid weight loss, exit snacking based on chips, peanuts, fast food, and prepared meals.

Farewell also to pastries and industrial charcuterie.

Subsequently, they can be reintroduced if you cannot do without them at all, but in more than limited quantities.

In addition to being rich in (bad) fats, sugar and salt, preservatives and additives are not friends of our health.

Why not cook more in the evening to have a homemade dish to enjoy for lunch? You can also prepare healthy and balanced salads and sandwiches.


Finally, it will be best to eliminate sodas, alcohol, and other sugary drinks. Also, limit fruit juices. If they seem healthier, they are still very sweet.

Prioritize what feels good

It is interesting to keep low-calorie foods in your diet.

Vegetables and fruits (but be careful because some are very sweet) facilitate transit and are generally low in calories.

Complex carbohydrates (pasta, rice, legumes, etc.) are important for satiety because they take a long time to digest.

In addition, their fibers allow you to last longer without feeling hungry.

Retaining good fats (avocado, nuts and nuts, fish) is also important to ensure the proper functioning of the body and avoid deficiencies.


Drinking water allows, even if it may seem paradoxical to you, to eliminate toxins and avoid retention.

Alternate with tea which gives flavor and has a strong diuretic power.

Also, consider herbal teas. They make it possible to eliminate, and according to the plants, also facilitate digestion.

Finally, bring enough protein to your body. They are satiating and help maintain muscle mass.

In addition, they take a long time to digest and thus prolong the feeling of satiety by increasing energy expenditure.

Fish, poultry, light dairy products… incorporate them into all your meals.


2. Miracle diet

Many sites promise you THE diet to lose a lot of weight in a very short time.

For this, in general, we invite you to eliminate a category of food or even several, and completely remove fat and sugar, in short, deprive yourself.

If the result will be there (it’s math, when you don’t eat, you lose weight), for how long will it be?

Thus, if the goal is punctual (to get into her evening dress) and you don’t care to regain your pounds immediately, you can embark on an extreme diet.

On the other hand, it is difficult to hold in the long term and it is not recommended. Deficiencies await you.

For those who are really in a hurry, there are express diets, effective only in the short term.


The principle? Soups galore and smoothies to consume every day to deflate quickly.

The risk? Since caloric intake is low,  you may feel tired and dizzy. Admittedly, you will have melted 2 kilos in one week, but you risk taking back the double after one month.

Diets of this kind are of little use to the body, which stores more fat later to compensate for the deprivation.

To eliminate your cellulite and stabilize your weight for a long time, it would be better to be patient.

Let’s dive into the diet that will help you achieve this goal.



Option 1 – Egg sandwich – cereal based


1 slice of Ezekiel bread + 1 boiled egg + 2 slices of tomato

Option 2 – Cut oats

90 Grams of oat bran cereal + 240 ml of unsweetened almond milk + 25 grams of blueberries

Option 3 – A powerful vegetarian smoothie

Slice 1 medium-sized beet into smaller pieces. Mix it with 4 carrots with ice cubes. You can squeeze half a lemon to add some zest.


Option 1 – Bowl of vegetables and diced chicken breast


60 Grams of diced chicken breast + 1 thin slice of avocado + 1 bowl of lettuce and tomatoes

Option 2 – Tuna Tortilla

60 Grams of tuna + 3 large leaves of kale + 1 drizzle of olive oil + 1/2 chopped onions + gluten-free whole wheat tortilla

Option 3 – Spinach Salad

With a little spinach, carrots, kale, and zucchini. Cut, slice them, and make a vegetarian salad.


Option 1 – Chicken mix


90 grams of skinless chicken + 350 grams of broccoli + 1 tablespoon of olive oil + 100 grams of cooked brown rice.

Option 2 – Lemon pasta with asparagus and salmon

100 grams of cooked brown rice + 60 grams of grilled salmon + 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to spread over the salmon + 1 minced garlic clove + 125 grams of freshly chopped asparagus

Option 3 – Boiled potatoes and salad

2 medium boiled potatoes + side salad (canned cabbage, kale, and mixed lettuce)

Authorized drinks:

Now, in addition to water, you can drink the following:


•Almond Milk Cream Coffee

•Green tea

•Freshly squeezed lemon water (highly recommended)

•Freshly squeezed orange juice not bought from the grocery store. Make sure you don’t add sugar, drink it as it is.

OK, I now have a diet plan. And after?

In addition to eating healthy foods, you will also need to exercise. But don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it sounds.


There are ways to burn calories without going to the gym.

You can start with the basics like walking or running. The idea is to burn as many calories as possible and stimulate the fat-burning process in your body.

3. Increase your basal metabolic rate to burn more fat at rest!

By increasing your basal metabolic rate, you burn more fat even at rest

Metabolism is a transformational process by which we burn calories. The higher it is, the more fat is burned. To lose a little weight, you have to increase it! But how?

A distinction must be made between basal metabolism (minimum expenditure by the body to ensure vital functions) and active metabolism (increased energy needs linked to physical activity).

Increasing your metabolism activity is what seems the most obvious (the most tiring too!) to lose fat.


But did you know that it is just as possible to increase your basic metabolism and thus lose fat 24 hours a day, therefore also at rest and even while sleeping? Little work is required to achieve this.

Once the basal metabolism has increased, all you have to do is maintain it and wait to see the results.

Nice, but how to increase your basal metabolic rate? Read this: How to Increase Your Metabolism and Burn More Fat.

4. Do sports but not just anyhow!

Does exercise make you lose weight?

Doing sports seems to be an obvious way to lose weight. However, it is not so obvious. Read our article on the best exercises to lose weight

You should also know that most sports build muscle and muscle is heavy! But gaining muscle will help you lose fat and that’s what you need.


At high intensity, cardio training burns a lot of calories but little fat

Cardio-training but not just anyhow!

To lose fat, it is often recommended to do cardio training, an activity that works the heart and can cause you to burn a lot of calories.

Cardio training is indeed one of the most effective activities for burning calories, certainly.

But the goal is not just to burn calories, but fat! However, at high intensity, it is mainly sugars (muscle glycogen) and not fats that you will consume and that you will re-store during the next meals…

To see the effects on your body, you would have to practice long hours of cardio training or do it regularly (and some readers here are already thinking about moving on to the next tip).

But there is a simple way to counter this. This is what we explain right after.


More fat burned at low intensity!

If high-intensity sport mainly draws on carbohydrate reserves, at low intensity, this time it is mainly fat that is burned.

Unfortunately, few calories are spent in total so little fat in the end.

To burn fat effectively, your cardio training effort must be done at the right intensity: neither too weak nor too intense.

An hour of brisk walking can be more effective at melting excess fat than an hour of jogging!

There is a zone, specific to each person, where the percentage of fat burned is optimum.

3 times more fat burned in 2 times fewer times thanks to a special technique!


In 2007, Australian researchers highlighted the interest in high-intensity interval training for fat loss (a technique applied today under the name of HIIT (High-Intensity Intermittent Training).

The same year, a Japanese team showed that Introducing breaks between endurance exercises promotes fat burning.

Exercise on an empty stomach to lose weight: yes, but with caution!

On an empty stomach, our body, in the absence of immediately available carbohydrates in the blood, is much quicker to break down fat.

If this technique is interesting, it is however not devoid of risks and requires certain precautions to be implemented.

This is the reason why we did not offer it as a tip in its own right.

5. Adopt a healthy lifestyle

A healthy and balanced life with a little daily exercise helps maintain your body and optimize the fat elimination process.


Leading a healthy lifestyle is the key to losing weight by acting both physically and mentally. Here are some simple and useful tips you can follow:

Drink enough, water, of course, to stay hydrated, eliminate toxins and promote the elimination of fat

Eat healthy and balanced. Avoid excesses. Eat until full but stop a little before. The feeling of satiety comes indeed with a slight delay.

Don’t skip meals. Our body tends to economize and stockpile when it is not fed enough.

On the contrary, multiplying the meals allows you to spend more (digestion consumes calories and it activates the metabolism). The ideal is to adopt 5 small meals a day.

Prefer fat-burning foods (citrus fruits, apple, green tea, papaya, cinnamon, oat bran, and protein-rich foods including 0% dairy products and white meats).


If this is too complicated for you, turn to dietary supplements. Some natural products are very effective and will help you lose fat more easily. We offer a list of some food supplements at the end of the article.

Eat slowly: this allows you to eat less (the feeling of satiety being slow to come) and also better appreciate what you eat!

Engage in regular physical activity, even if it’s just a little gardening or housework. This will increase your basal metabolism.

Adapt your lifestyle: avoid elevators, and go shopping on foot (in addition to running!). The WHO recommends taking at least the equivalent of 10,000 steps a day: get an activity bracelet to know how much you walk a day, motivate you to move, and track your progress.

Did you know?

Chewing gum helps burn calories!


According to American researchers from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, chewing gum increases basal energy expenditure by around 20% (source: The New England Journal of Medicine, December 30, 1999, vol.341, n°27, 2100 ).

Three hours of daily chewing (i.e. about 40 kcal expended) would thus make it possible to lose nearly one kilo of body fat per year.

6. Intermittent fasting for rapid and lasting weight loss

Reducing calorie intake is the key to successful weight loss.

In this context, experts recommend testing intermittent fasting– one of the hottest new diet trends.

This way of eating naturally allows you to consume fewer calories, which therefore promotes weight loss.



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