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How to lose weight in your face


Discover how to lose weight in your face.

When you want to refine your silhouette, the face is generally the most visible part of the body where you want to lose weight as significantly and as quickly as possible.

It is quite feasible to slim down the cheeks and neck, by dieting for example. How then to lose weight on the face effectively? How to lose weight in your face

Target facial fat

The face is an area of the body that contains little fat. Fat cells are concentrated in the cheeks, and the neck, under the chin.

When you lose weight, the cheeks tend to dig in and lose volume, which immediately gives a lifted appearance to the person. Similarly, the “double chin” effect also fades.


However, removing fat from a face is quite a delicate process as it is difficult to target this particular area.

Overall, in the first weeks following a diet, people tend to lose cheeks, stomach, and women’s breasts and thighs, that is to say, the areas where there are the most clumps of fat. Facial thinning is usually visible fairly quickly.

Why do we get fat on the face?

When we gain weight, we can get bigger in the face. During weight gain, our body begins to store fat in adipose tissue to make reserves.

In the majority of cases, the storage areas are on the thighs, stomach, and buttocks for women and at the level of the abdominal belt for men.

So why the face? Our human body is well made (or not for that matter), it will distribute the fat cells in our body and in several areas at the same time.

But when he thinks he has filled these storage areas, he looks for others including the face.


That’s why when we gain weight the face takes it too. But we are not all equal. Some will take the chin while others, not at all.

Weight gain is not the only culprit. Certain medications and treatments are also responsible.

Cortisone, for example, is well known for “inflating” our face and especially our cheeks. Alcohol can also be the cause.

Different methods to lose weight on your face

As we told you a little above, there are no miracle solutions.

But rather complementary methods between them that will allow you to refine your cheeks, your neck, or your chin. We explain them to you in detail.

1. Facial gymnastics

So I might as well tell you right away, by just doing exercises, you won’t lose weight on your neck or cheeks.


But it is rather a complementary solution. Indeed, these exercises will help you destock fat as part of a diet and weight loss.

Here are some exercises are known for their effectiveness in refining your face:


Smiling is good for morale but also for losing face weight.

By smiling, you may not know it, but you tone your cheeks and the muscles of your face.

So remember to smile as often as possible in your daily life or alone in front of your mirror. Smile as if you wanted to reach your ears smiling.

•Grimaces without moderation or almost

You read correctly. Making faces and having a balanced diet allows you to refine your face.


The most effective grimace? Try touching your nose with your upper lip.

Not very sexy, that’s for sure, but it’s effective! Make this grimace 5 times in a row, holding the position for at least 10 seconds.

Sucking like a fish is also an exercise to do. You suck in your cheeks with your mouth closed.

Keep this position for 10 seconds and renew this grimace at least 5 times.

These two exercises are particularly effective for losing cheeks.

•Chew again and again

And yes, chewing gum can help you reduce your double chin by strengthening it. But if you want to lose weight, chewing gum is not recommended.


That’s okay, chew invisible gum while exaggerating the movement. Do this exercise for a good 30 seconds.

•The alphabet to your rescue!

The letters “A” and “O” will quickly become your allies.

To slim down the lower face, you can open your mouth wide and pronounce these two letters alternately.

Hold each position for 5 seconds and repeat each letter 5 times.

2. Adopt a few good daily gestures to refine your face!

There are simple and effective gestures to get rid of the curves of the face and an overly fat neck. In addition to the facial exercises above, we recommend these easy-to-perform daily gestures to slim down your face and relax your complexion:

•The right gesture to lose cheeks: massage the cheeks with a slimming cream by pressing the cheekbones to the scalp (from the nose to the ears). Repeat the gesture 15 times.


The right gesture to reduce the double chin: apply your slimming cream by sliding your hands alternately from the top of your raised chin downwards, pressing well with the flat of your hand. Repeat the gesture 15 times.

Take the time to stay hydrated: to look less chubby, drink plenty of water. Drinking 1.5 liters of water a day hydrates your body and prevents water retention in all parts of the body, including your face.

Wash your face with cold water: to stimulate circulation and promote the elimination of fat in the cheeks and double chin, nothing is more effective than washing your face with cold water.

3. Rebalance your diet to slim down your face

Swollen cheeks can be a sign of a lack of water in your body, which then causes water retention.

Make sure you drink enough water daily (1.5 liters minimum for an adult). Similarly, oily and spotty skin on the cheeks can be caused by eating too much food.

The skin is, like the kidneys or the liver, an outlet organ: it is through this that the body eliminates toxins and cleans itself.


A diet that would contain too many lipids tends to give pimples and make the skin oily, which then produces more sebum.

Reduce hydrogenated fats, processed products, and cold cuts, and prefer sources of “good” fat such as fatty fish (salmon, herring), and vegetable oils rather than butter.

4. Slimming creams

Here too, contrary to their promises, they alone do not make it possible to lose weight on the face. However, they are a good complement to the exercises.

So today there are slimming creams for the stomach, thighs, buttocks ………….and face.

These, of course, are not the same, and you need to choose a special slimming cream for the face.

For optimal effectiveness, you should apply the slimming cream by massaging the skin of your face and patting the cheeks.


These small strokes on the cheeks are intended to stimulate the active ingredients of the cream.

5. Facial massages

After the exercises, you can perform massages. You can do them with facial massagers, go to a salon, or do them yourself.

To do this, you must press your fingertips against your face, starting at the forehead and then moving down to your temples and cheeks.

Then rest your fingers on the edge of your nose and move them towards your cheeks and down.

6. Cosmetic surgery to lose weight on the face

If you want to slim down your face more radically, know that it is possible to have recourse to cosmetic surgery.

The latter can be used following a diet, to remove skin that would be wrinkled following a significant loss of fat, or alone, to remove fat.


This liposuction operation consists of removing part of the fat contained in the cells of the skin.

It is generally initiated at the level of the double chin and the neck, in people who are overweight.


Be careful though, a chubby face is often a sign of joviality and gives a healthy glow.

On the contrary, sunken cheeks accentuate fatigue, give a closed appearance to the face, and tend to age a person.

7. Aesthetic medicine treatment to refine the face

1.- Botox or botulinum toxin

Botox is the perfect treatment to refine the face without having to undergo surgery.

Quick and painless, thanks to botox we not only manage to attenuate and eliminate wrinkles, but we will also achieve a spectacular result: a slimmer face, marking and styling the cheekbones.


Botox, therefore, favors facial thinning and is being demanded more and more every day due to the speed of the results, above all, it is a treatment performed without surgery with which we can resume our daily activity after performing it.

Facial slimming using Botox is achieved through microinjections in the points, indicated by our expert doctor, of the masseter muscle, thus achieving a more angled face and highlighting our cheekbones.

Sometimes this excessive development is caused by bruxism, it develops excessively due to involuntary grinding of the teeth, especially when we sleep.

Which causes changes in facial physiognomy.

Botulinum toxin relaxes the masseter muscles and thanks to this, they relax and exercise less.

In this way, we ensure that this muscle does not work more than necessary and our facial appearance is stylized and the rectangular shape of the face is reduced.


It is an outpatient treatment and the results are observed, especially after the second session.

For the muscle to reduce its activity and achieve the desired results, we must carry out several sessions, always following the guidelines of our specialist doctor.

A very frequent question is if it affects chewing.

The answer is no, it does not limit it at all since more muscles are working during this process.

It is a very beneficial treatment, it helps us not only to improve the shape of the face but also reduces muscle pain caused by bruxism and prevents the appearance of muscle hypertrophy.

Facial surgery treatment to achieve a refined face

To achieve a definitively refined face, we want to talk to you about the discectomy or extraction of Bichat balls. An outpatient and painless procedure with which you will achieve a defined, harmonious face and more marked cheekbones.


Bichat balls or discectomy, the extraction of Bichat balls is a technique widely used by those who want to permanently refine their face.

2. – What are bichat balls? And its removal to refine the face.

Bichat balls are 2 accumulations of fat (buccal fat bags) located in the cheek area (below the cheekbone).

Why is surgery so demanded?

Bichat balls give the face a rounded shape and can even cause asymmetry when one side is developed to a greater extent than the other.

The extraction of Bichat balls is done to reduce the volume provided by these accumulations of fat and give a defined contour to the facial structure.

Is the body weight of a person related to the volume of Bichat balls?

Not necessarily, there are people with high weight and the thinnest face. Although it is true that if we gain weight the volume in general increases and if we lose weight it decreases.

Can you combine Bichat ball removal with other surgeries?

Yes, we can combine Bichat ball removal surgery with other surgeries. The most performed combinations with this technique are rhinoplasty and mentoplasty.


Since, with the set of these interventions, we achieve a common goal, a balanced and harmonious face.

Once some doubts about Bichat balls have been resolved, we want to tell you how their extraction is carried out and what results are obtained:

How is Bichat ball removal surgery performed?

Bichectomy or extraction of Bichat balls:

In the first place, the patient is given an anesthetic in the area where the Bichat balls are located, once the area is asleep, a small incision is made (1cm inside the mouth) on each side to proceed with the extraction and subsequent removal of fatty tissue determined by the specialist maxillofacial doctor.

How long does Bichat ball removal surgery take?

The extraction of Bichat balls lasts approximately 45-60 minutes.

Results of the discectomy:

The results after the intervention are appreciated after passing the inflammatory process.

The results begin to be seen after a month after the operation, but when the definitive results are observed, it is after about 4/6 months, it always depends on the patient.


Who do we recommend this surgery to?

This type of surgery requires a prior study by our maxillofacial specialist, who will determine if the treatment is optimal for the patient.

It requires a preoperative to determine the compatibility of the patient with the intervention.

Once all this has been determined, we can recommend it to women and men whose facial structure tends to be round and who want to obtain a natural result with a more angled, stylized, and defined face.

Define the area of the cheeks, achieving a more triangular and refined face.

In short, with this type of simple intervention, what we intend is to refine the cheeks to highlight the cheekbones (marking them) and define the mandibular edge.

Without leaving any type of scar, since the incisions are minimal and are made inside the mouth.


3.- Lifting of cheekbones with hyaluronic acid to harmonize the face.

Another effective way to refine and slim the face without having to go through the operating room is by infiltrating hyaluronic acid in key areas of the face.

Thanks to the infiltration of hyaluronic acid in the cheekbones, we manage to lift this area and harmonize the face.

On many occasions, it will also be necessary to treat the chin with hyaluronic acid.

4.- Double chin reduction treatment defining the jawline

Finally, on many occasions, we see our faces plump due to an accumulation of fat in the jowl area.

For this, there are very effective facial aesthetic medicine solutions, such as applying the BELKYRA treatment or defining the jawline with small infiltrations of botulinum toxin.

Even, depending on the patients and skin type, the ideal is to apply the facial hifu treatment to eliminate this localized fat.


8. Other tips and tricks

Cut calories

If you are going to go on a diet you have to reduce the calorie intake in your daily diet.

One of the bases of any weight loss method is to burn more calories than we put into the body, so preparing a diet with fewer calories than we take now will be essential so that our body can metabolize them better.

Be careful with carbohydrates and fried

Restricting the intake of bread, rice, or pasta that are not whole grains is important to help us slim down the face, as they cause an increase in facial volume.

Also, foods that are cooked with a lot of oil, in addition to providing many calories, generate fat in the cheeks.

Try to eradicate fried foods from your diet

Say yes to fiber

Legumes, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, or nuts are foods that we urgently need to incorporate into our diet.


They have a lot of fiber, they are healthy, they have few calories and they provide energy to our body.

At the same time, we must put aside those products with a lot of fat such as industrial pastries or ultra-processed foods that make us fat.

Drink a lot of water

Whenever we talk about diets we remember the importance of being well hydrated and, in this case, it was not going to be different.

Water helps eliminate toxins and accumulated fat in many areas of the body, including the face.

But, in addition, it helps to have healthy and beautiful skin.

In addition to water, you can drink different liquids such as teas, infusions, or natural juices.


The final word

What we see first in us is our face. When you gain weight in the neck, cheeks, or chin, it can quickly become complex for many people.

Losing weight in a particular area is very difficult. This is also the case for the face.

But by losing weight, changing your eating habits, playing sports, and applying our tips and tricks, it is possible to lose weight on your face.



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