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Lose belly fat: 8 habits of skinny women


Discover the 8 most important habits of naturally skinny women that can help you lose belly fat and live a happier, healthier life effortlessly.

According to a study conducted by Gallup’s Annual Health and Healthcare Survey, only 16% of American women are at their ideal weight with 69% of women classified as overweight or obese.Lose belly fat

Although genetics plays an important role, it is habits that far outweigh the importance of genetics in how we gain and lose fat.

Just as you would take business advice from women who run a successful business, wouldn’t it make sense to take weight loss advice from naturally skinny women?

That’s why we’ve researched the most important habits of skinny girls straight from the source – naturally thin girls. To discover the most important habits of naturally thin women, keep reading.

Are you in a hurry and want to know how skinny women stay skinny?


The single most important habit of naturally thin women is that they only eat when they are truly hungry and do not associate food with reward, comfort, or a feeling of happiness. Food is just fuel for their body and they are not obsessed with it.

What does a skinny woman eat to lose belly fat?

Skinny women often eat similar foods to the rest of us, with the main difference being portion sizes.

A skinny woman can feel satisfied after only eating a piece of chocolate and won’t feel the need to finish the whole bar just because or because of a bad relationship with food.

They eat according to their hunger signals but regularly opt for less fatty and less sugary dishes because they know that these kinds of foods will only make them sick and tired.

A skinny woman will strive to maintain a balanced diet consisting of vegetables, fruits, proteins, carbohydrates, and only a small amount of unhealthy foods.

How does a woman lose belly fat and stay lean?

A 2019 study compared the genes of 1,622 healthy thin individuals and 1,985 severely childhood obese and finally, 10,433 normal-weight women found that the trait of persistent thinness, as well as early obesity, are also hereditary. . .


Although this is the case, lifestyle and diet still play a major role in how some skinny women stay skinny all the time.

To learn about the main lifestyle and diet factors that contribute to low body weight, keep reading.


Starting your day with breakfast will not only improve your energy levels and your ability to concentrate, but it will also help you manage your weight better.

Opt for a breakfast high in protein and fat to stay full longer and prevent cravings from overwhelming you. A great breakfast option is whole eggs, boil, scramble or fry them for a quick, nutritious, and satisfying breakfast that will keep you full for hours.

A study conducted by Pubmed found that replacing a high-carb breakfast, such as a bagel, with equal weight and caloric value of egg breakfast significantly reduced food intake in the short term and therefore facilitated the maintenance of a caloric deficit.

Press? Try these easy microwave hard-boiled eggs for a delicious low-calorie, high-protein breakfast that’s ready in 5 minutes.



Naturally thin women know and recognize when they are full and satisfied. They don’t feel the need to always finish a plate. It’s okay to leave leftovers when you’re full.

A good rule of thumb is to stop for a minute when 80% of your meal is done and gauge your level of hunger. If you are no longer hungry, do not finish the meal.

Eating to the point of feeling stuffed will only lower energy levels and make him feel sluggish, making him even less likely to do anything active after finishing a meal.


Walking is a great form of cardio that you can add to your daily routine to boost weight loss without even breaking a sweat.

A brisk 30-minute walk can burn up to 200 calories without feeling like exercise.

Good thin girl habits to follow to increase your step count are to park further away, leave your car at home and walk to where you need to be, take a walk on your lunch break, or volunteer to walk a friend’s or neighbour’s dog (unless you have your own).



Staying hydrated plays an extremely important role in weight loss. A 2013 study by PMC found that drinking just 500ml of water before a meal increased subjects’ metabolic rate by 30% 10 minutes after drinking it and reached a maximum amount 30 minutes after drinking water.


Therefore, drinking plain water before meals should be added to your routine if you are trying to lose fat and live a healthier life.


A constant lack of sleep is strongly linked to weight gain. According to a study conducted by Wiley, they found evidence that a lack of sleep will lead to increased hunger, increased fatigue, and impaired thermoregulation as well as an increased possibility of eating since you are awake longer.

All of these factors lead to increased calorie intake and reduced energy expenditure since you are too tired to move instead of getting a good night’s sleep and having more energy.

So make sure you get enough rest. Most adults need around 7-8 hours of sleep per night, but this largely depends on your situation, but at least 7 hours is a good goal.


We often think exercise is something we have to do, but many naturally skinny women enjoy working out.


Although you should aim for at least 90 minutes of cardio per week, it doesn’t have to be a run or some other form of cardio that you can’t stand. Pick an exercise you enjoy and it won’t feel like a chore.

Our favourite exercises to get our heart pumping and maintain weight are dance classes, ice skating, rollerblading, swimming, trampolining, and cycling. Do them with friends to make it even more fun or join a local club and make new friends with similar fat loss goals.


If you want to know how to eat like a slim woman, you need to eat snacks that burn fat and boost your metabolism. The best snacks to enjoy for increased weight loss are those high in protein and low in fat.

A great low-calorie, high-protein snack is fat-free Greek yoghurt with berries. Or if you’re looking for a tasty snack for skinny girls, try string cheese! A serving of string cheese has just 80 calories and 7 grams of protein, filling you up until the next meal.


Women who cook more at home tend to consume significantly fewer calories than those who still opt for takeout. The main culprit is the oil and extra flavourings used in fast food.

Fast food is made to taste amazing and leave you craving more thanks to the extremely high fat and sugar content and other artificial flavours.


You can still enjoy delicious meals, but cooking them at home rather than taking them out can save you hundreds of calories.

A skinny woman’s food diary

To better understand the habits of a skinny woman, we should look at a day in the life of a skinny woman.

Breakfast: Lucie starts her day with a croissant with red fruits and fresh orange juice.

She notes that croissants are not a typical breakfast for her and that most of the time a French person thinks of opting for fresh bread with jam or cereals and coffee or tea.

Lunch: For lunch, she made potato gratin with cream and a large fresh salad.

She also said meals usually start with a large salad to fill up before eating high-fat and high-carb foods.


This is another great tip for skinny girls, eat a fresh salad before your larger meals to avoid overeating with higher calorie foods.

Dinner: Lucie made an egg, ricotta, and spinach quiche pie.

She served it with vegetable soup which she said was very typical during the colder months.

Snacks: For snacks, she often opted for a yoghurt or a piece of fruit, her favourite being clementines (a citrus hybrid between a tangerine and an orange)

A small clementine contains only 35-40 calories and is an excellent source of fiber, making it a great snack or dessert to enjoy.


Naturally thin women don’t cut anything, but rather add healthier options to fill up, like soup and fresh salads.


This way, you don’t have to indulge too much in the most unhealthy foods, because you are full and satisfied with the nutritious and delicious options.



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